Nesting Dolls: Hooton Family Christmas 2017

Family gatherings are full of warmth, love and tasty pies!
Love within Love.

Adventures of the Sly Fox and the Peeking Piggy

Acrylic on Canvas 24"x36" (2011)

Blazing Heart

Creative Craft Sets the Heart Ablaze.

 Acrylic Paint on Canvas. 5ft x 2ft. (November 2008)

Open Your Heart And Let Love In

Acrylic on Canvas. 2ft x 4ft. (April 2007)

Preliminary Sketch of "Open Your Heart", Pen Ink on Paper

Serving My Juicy Heart on a Platter

Acrylic Paints on Canvas. 4ft x 3ft (January 2008)

Two Hearts Unite

When two hearts become the sum, they will grow and beat as one.

Acrylic Paints on Canvas. 12"x12"
(July 2008)
 At the "Soul to Soul" Art Show and Auction at Alex Grey Gallery.

Jewelry: Genuine Stone

These are examples of the kind of jewelry I make. I do custom orders.

The Traveling Heart

Whenever my husband travels for work - he can take my heart along with him.💖
I made this tiny plushy, with happy little beady eyes, to tag along on adventures.