Skateboards: painted/illustrated for a charity organization - Bordobello

Posca Pens on blank wooden skateboard decks.

Happy Buddha (December 2009)

Christmas Massacre (December 2009)

Fun Pumpkin (December 2009) Teeth and Fire Glow in the Dark

Tiki Wave (December 2009) Tropical Flower Glows in the Dark

Eternal Love (August 2010)

Love Bodhi (November 2010)

Wisdom Lotus

Acrylic Paints on Canvas. 12"x12" (May 2009)

Message on Back: Mind gives Strength, Strength gives Life, Life gives Love, Love builds a healthy Mind.

Dagum Varmint

Greeting Card Cartoon.
Colored Pencils on Card-stock Paper. 5"x3.5" (February 2009)